Which Type of Snow Blower is Right For You?

For small areas of the driveway, shoveling can still be a solution. But when it is really cold, it’s no fun shoveling snow. You need to wear dense clothes to protect you from cold. Also, there are always better ways to remove snow.

A simpler method to remove snow is to use a snowblower. A snow blower is a machine designed to throw the snow away from the cleaned area.

On the market, you can find 3 types of snowblowers: gas-powered with 1 or 2 stages and electric. A gas-powered snowblower is better suited for winter. In the winter the batteries, the energy inside the electric snowblower tends to drain due to cold. A gas-powered snowblower can cover a larger area and it can be filled with gas in 2 minutes. On the other hand, the electric one needs time to recharge.

The two-stages snowblower can cover an area up to 3o inches and it’s the fastest way to remove snow. The downside is that they are heavy, making it difficult to operate. While one-stage snowblowers are lighter, the surface area cleaned is less. Two-stage snow blowers are recommended for heavy-duty tasks, while single stage can be used for any homeowner.

The main advantage of electric snowblowers is the reduced cost and easy maintenance. The electric version will be the lightest of all when compared to other models.

As this winter the temperature is going to be freezing cold, shoveling is out of the discussion. If you own an ATV, you can attach a snowblower to it, and blast the snow easily and in a short period of time. It takes the least effort to remove the snow. A task that usually requires hours and needs to be done daily, it will only take minutes.


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